Sunday, June 25, 2006

PS Kensington, June 25

Just back from manning the Bellevue Square barricade.
Since we close the streets foe pedestrians, motorized vehicles aren't allowed in the area. Sometimes people will try to trick their way into the enclosed area.
I had this conversation today at about 1:15 PM.
Man: You've got to open the barrier when a black Cadillac pulls up!
Me: No, I don't.
Man: You've gotta. There are VIPs coming to pick me up.
Me: No, I don't.
Man: These are really heavy-duty VIPs. You've got to let them in!
Me: No, I don't. I only open the barricades for fire trucks, ambulances or the police.
Man: But these are really important people. I can't tell who they are, but they are very important. And they won't want to walk in from their limo.
Me: Where are they going?
Man: What?
Me: Where are you from?
Man: Nova Scotia.
Me: No, which business are you from?
Man: La Rosa (a bakery which is about 40 feet from the barricade)
Me: They can walk forty feet.
Man: They are VERY important!
Me: Is it the Prime Minister?
Man: No, more important than him.
Me: The Pope? The Queen?
Man: Even more important than that!
Me: Well, then they'll have a police escort and I'll open the barricade for them.
Man: They're travelling incognito.
Me: Then they wouldn't want to attract attention by having the barricade opened for them, would they?
Man leaves.
Twenty minutes later, Man is back.
Man: I called them and told them you would open the barricade for them.
Me: Call them back and tell them you were wrong.
Man: They won't like that.Leaves.
Thirty minutes later, Man is back.
Man: They should be here any minute.
Me: I'm sure they will enjoy the 30 second walk.

The black limo never shows up.

Portugal is playing soccer and the Amadeus is packed. A vintage (50s) Rolls-Royce pulls up to the barricade and signals that I should move it aside. I walk over to the car and make the 'roll-down-your-window' signal. Driver says he wants to park inside the barricade, across from the Amadeus. I say there is parking lot behind the temple. He says he never parks where he can't see his car at all times. I say, sorry but you can't get inside the barricade. He parks Rolls right in front of barricade, blocking street, goes into Amadeus. I call paid duty officer to get him ticketed and towed. When officer shows up, he comes running out and talks to officer. Officer gives him a ticket, tells him to move car or it will be towed. Driver parks car on the wide sidewalk in front of Smart Luggage, just outside barricade.
Says it is ok, as he owns building. I tell him, you don't look like the owner, Luis Pontes. He says, he is Luis's cousin. Since I made up the name, I know he is lying. Officer says that since he has issued an a ticket already and the car isn't blocking the street, he isn't going to pursue the matter any further. The shiny Rolls attracts quite a few admirers and everyone is happy.


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