Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Numbers Game: University of Toronto

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Finally got the poll by poll results for the last election (Thanks, Arnold).
I was most curious to see what the results were for the polls held at the U of T, since this was the first time that polling station were set up on the campus.
Additionally, there had been some contraversy over the proposed special polls that were to be held on campus before the election and were cancelled.
Anyway, I've prepared the above table, which shows the percent that each candidate received both on campus and off plus the ratio between them.
1. Green Party gets a smaller share of the vote from university students!
2. Generally every party (except the NDP) gets about 90% off their offcampus share
3. And the NDP gets only 110%
4. None of the fringe parties does well on campus
5. Students spoil fewer ballots
and looking at the individual polls shows considerable variance between polls.
For example the Conservatives ranged from under 4 to over 15%.


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