Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lessons learned

One of the lessons that I've learned from the recent campaign is that the Progressive Canadian party isn't a factor in this riding. In 2004, they got 531 votes or about 1%. This time, they got 392 votes or just .6%. Additionally, I observed the count of the special ballots. Out of 1314 votes, Asif Hossein managed to get 4 votes in total or less than .3%.
What does this suggest? Since the special ballots are write-in, meaning you have to know the name of the candidate and there isn't any party affilation indicated. The misleading PC abbreviation (not Progressive Canadian, just PC ) results in about half of the votes Hossain receives are because the voters think they are voting for the old Progressive Conservative party.
As time passes, fewer voters will be swindled out of their franchise by voting for a party that is masquerading as another.


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