Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lessons Learned: Part 2

Lessons Learned: Part 2

     During the campaign, I fielded quite a few calls from a group called the
“Campaign Life Coalition” (http://www.campaignlifecoalition.com/ ).
     It was obvious that the callers were working from a script. They would always ask to speak to the candidate. Since Sam did not spend very much time in the campaign office, that was not possible. Then they would ask the very same questions, in the very same order. When they were told that the candidate did support SSM and would not vote to reopen the abortion issue, they would huff indignantly and exclaim, “Well, I’m not going to for him!”
     After a while, I realized that not all of these callers were actually calling from within Trinity-Spadina. The advantages of call-display, you see. Therefore, I would ask them for their home phone number and address so the candidate could get back to them re their urgent questions. Invariably, it would be outside of the riding. Therefore, I would give them the phone number for the NDP candidate in their riding.
     Once, I asked one of these callers to let me know if ANY of the candidates in Trinity-Spadina met his requirements. He eventually did and declared that none of them would be receiving his vote. Instead, he would be eating his ballot. I neglected to mention that the new ballots were printed with poisonous ink.
     Then, came the day that one of their supporters stopped by the office. He claimed that he, personally, could swing 20 votes our way, if only Sam would promise to vote against SSM. I took the opportunity to ask him a question, the question I have always wanted to ask pro-life, anti-choice abortion protestors. If the technology existed, would you offer to host an embryo that would otherwise be aborted? I figure that if you really oppose the concept of abortion, you would agree to have an unwanted fetus implanted in your body. He refused to answer. I then asked: would you support mandatory sex education and free contraceptives, which would certainly reduce the need for abortions.
He felt that sex education and free rubbers would lead to the end of civilization, as we know it.


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