Sunday, January 15, 2006

No further polls results

I guess the 'other' guys are reading this blog after all.
Since I mentioned how I was getting the polls numbers I've been reporting from the other campaign offices, they've tightened up their security. I guess they finally figured out that WPA wasn't secure enough.
As we begin the final week of campaigning, the recruitment of scrutineers and poll captains has started. With over 230 polls to be watched, we're trying to line up at least 260 volunteers for E-Day.
As expected, the bitter race between Olivia and Tony is attracting considerable media attention. While this seldom results in many column inches for Sam, he at least gets an "also running..." blurb.
There was considerable excitement in the campaign office yesterday when a CTV satellite news truck pulled up outside. Frantic running around and concealment of secret campaign maps and lists on the part of all present proved for naught when they drove away 10 minutes later. Why were they here? Picking up their dry cleaning next door? Taking a break? We'll never know.


At 7:23 PM, Blogger George Kirk said...

David, my wife and I voted in the advance poll this evening. I toyed with the idea of "strategic voting", but I can't stand the thought of voting NDP just to deny Tony Ianno another term. As a card-carrying Conservative, I voted my conscience and Sam got my vote (and my wife's). One thing though - what's with the "PC Party" candidate Asif Hossein? On the ballot, all of the other parties have their full names (ie: Marxist-Leninist, Canadian Heritage, etc) EXCEPT for the "PC Party". I could see this possibly confusing some voters who aren't quite with it. Anyhow - good luck to Sam, and good luck to Canada -we need a Conservative government!

At 7:56 PM, Blogger David Simpson said...

Asif and the Progressive Canadian folks are counting on some voters thinking there is still a Progressive Conservative party around and casting their ballots by mistake.


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