Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The morning after

The morning after

     I just in from scrutineering the special ballots at the Trinity-Spadina Elections Canada. We started the count at 4:30 PM by opening envelopes but could not start counting ballots until 9:30 PM of course. It took about 5 hours to count 1314 votes, mainly due to the opening of the inner envelopes. No real surprises in the count, Olivia got a little better than 50% and Tony about 30%. I was disappointed to see that Sam Goldstein got less than 10%. He and the campaign team worked hard with our limited resources but this is one tough riding for Conservatives.
     Since the special ballots are all write-in, I was expecting quite a few challenges. There were a few misspellings but the only votes rejected were ones for Paul Martin, Bill Graham, Mario Silva, Greenpeace and null. Fringe parties received a paltry five votes and the CAP candidate got none. Even the Green Party lost ground.
     Olivia seems to have won this riding handily, with a substantive 3000 votes. Cannot imagine Ianno will protest the vote even if any discrepancies turn up.
     It is nearly 4 AM, and I have been up since 7 AM yesterday and even those 12 cups of coffee are starting to lose their ability to keep me awake.

     Tomorrow, I will try to post a few comments about the campaign.


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