Monday, December 12, 2005

Top Liberals Insult Parents

Top Liberals Insult Parents

OTTAWA – Top Liberal spokesmen today insulted Canadian parents by claiming that they would spend a childcare allowance on anything but their kids.
     In a television appearance today, Paul Martin’s Communications Director Scott Reid said parents would “blow” a proposed $1200 per child allowance on videos, popcorn, and beer, while Liberal strategists John Duffy agreed, saying that parents might spend the money on cars rather than their kids.
     “These insulting remarks unmask what the Liberals really think about parents, that they can’t be trusted to do what’s right for their own children.  This arrogance explains why the Liberals are opposed to giving all parents direct support to help them make the child care choices that are best for their families,” said Conservative MP Rona Ambrose (Edmonton Spruce Grove).
     Reid has since issued statement saying that his words were “a dumb way to make my point.”
     “Clearly, these top Liberals said what they really believe: that parents don’t have their children’s’ best interests at heart.  An apology won’t change the fact that they are opposed to giving parents child care choice because they don’t trust parents to make the right decisions,” said Ambrose.
     “Reid may now say that his words were ‘dumb’, but that doesn’t change his point – which is that Liberal politicians and bureaucrats know better how to provide child care than parents.  If these Liberals were really sorry for their insulting remarks, then they would drop their plans for a one-size fits all bureaucratic daycare scheme, and agree to respect and support parents’ child care choices.”
     The Conservative Party of Canada would create 125,000 new childcare spaces, while also giving direct transfers to all parents of $1,200 per child per year for childcare to use in a way that is best for their family’s childcare needs.  Conservatives are offering choice to parents and targeting daycare spaces for working Canadians while the Liberals are offering a one-size-fits-all system that excludes the majority of Canadian families.

Goldstein campaign office opens
     The new campaign office at 744 King St. West opens on Sunday, December 18th. at 1 PM. Stop by to join in the celebration and kick off the campaign with a neighbourhood blitz.
     The office is located at street level, in the first block west of Bathurst. The cross street is Tecumseh and the King streetcar stops there.

Trinity-Spadina candidates on TV.
     Olivia Chow (NDP), Sam Goldstein (CPC) and Tony Ianno (LPC), will be appearing on TVO’s Studio Two (Channel 19, Cable 2) next Monday, December 19 at 8 PM. Tune in to see Sam in action.


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