Friday, December 02, 2005

Laptops of Luxury

Laptops of Luxury
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. We’ve just had another business stand up and offer us some vitally required election equipment.
I’m talking laptop computers, folks. Dudes, we’re getting some Dells!
Now these aren’t state of the art, but they will certainly do for this campaign.
Dell, P3-850 w/128 MB and a CD-ROM. We can add a wireless card if you are going to working in the campaign office. They have W2K and MS-Office preloaded.
If you want one, contact the campaign office. We can have as many of these as we want, but we are going to have to pay for them. If you want to help the campaign, buy one for $350 and use it during the campaign. It’ll make a good second computer or one for your kids. If you need CIMS access, let us know and we’ll have the tech set it up.


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