Friday, December 02, 2005

Cell phones are here

Cell phones are here
Just received a shipment of 36 cell phones from ROGERS. This was all they were able to loan us, so we’re limiting the distribution to team leaders only. Please use the phones for campaign business only. We’ll be handing them out Sunday after we finish setting them up and recording numbers etc. You will have to sign for this equipment as we’ve agreed to return them in salable condition, Make sure you retain all of the packing material, cables, adaptors and manuals.
These are the Nokia 6101 phones with all the toys including a built-in camera. We have been playing around with them in the office and the photo quality is pretty decent.
If you really like them, I’m sure we can cut a deal with ROGERS so you can buy afterwards.
Don’t stop by the campaign office today or Saturday to try to pick up your phone. They’ll be assigned to the team leaders on Sunday.


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