Friday, June 30, 2006

Newton checks out a suspicious twig

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

..the person who will make a fuss

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Newton waiting patiently for his prey...

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Monday, June 26, 2006

PS Kensington - The view north

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The View south down Augusta

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The Rolls-Royce in question

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

PS Kensington, June 25

Just back from manning the Bellevue Square barricade.
Since we close the streets foe pedestrians, motorized vehicles aren't allowed in the area. Sometimes people will try to trick their way into the enclosed area.
I had this conversation today at about 1:15 PM.
Man: You've got to open the barrier when a black Cadillac pulls up!
Me: No, I don't.
Man: You've gotta. There are VIPs coming to pick me up.
Me: No, I don't.
Man: These are really heavy-duty VIPs. You've got to let them in!
Me: No, I don't. I only open the barricades for fire trucks, ambulances or the police.
Man: But these are really important people. I can't tell who they are, but they are very important. And they won't want to walk in from their limo.
Me: Where are they going?
Man: What?
Me: Where are you from?
Man: Nova Scotia.
Me: No, which business are you from?
Man: La Rosa (a bakery which is about 40 feet from the barricade)
Me: They can walk forty feet.
Man: They are VERY important!
Me: Is it the Prime Minister?
Man: No, more important than him.
Me: The Pope? The Queen?
Man: Even more important than that!
Me: Well, then they'll have a police escort and I'll open the barricade for them.
Man: They're travelling incognito.
Me: Then they wouldn't want to attract attention by having the barricade opened for them, would they?
Man leaves.
Twenty minutes later, Man is back.
Man: I called them and told them you would open the barricade for them.
Me: Call them back and tell them you were wrong.
Man: They won't like that.Leaves.
Thirty minutes later, Man is back.
Man: They should be here any minute.
Me: I'm sure they will enjoy the 30 second walk.

The black limo never shows up.

Portugal is playing soccer and the Amadeus is packed. A vintage (50s) Rolls-Royce pulls up to the barricade and signals that I should move it aside. I walk over to the car and make the 'roll-down-your-window' signal. Driver says he wants to park inside the barricade, across from the Amadeus. I say there is parking lot behind the temple. He says he never parks where he can't see his car at all times. I say, sorry but you can't get inside the barricade. He parks Rolls right in front of barricade, blocking street, goes into Amadeus. I call paid duty officer to get him ticketed and towed. When officer shows up, he comes running out and talks to officer. Officer gives him a ticket, tells him to move car or it will be towed. Driver parks car on the wide sidewalk in front of Smart Luggage, just outside barricade.
Says it is ok, as he owns building. I tell him, you don't look like the owner, Luis Pontes. He says, he is Luis's cousin. Since I made up the name, I know he is lying. Officer says that since he has issued an a ticket already and the car isn't blocking the street, he isn't going to pursue the matter any further. The shiny Rolls attracts quite a few admirers and everyone is happy.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Noticed I'm getting a lot of referrals from the rabble/babble website.
Most likely someone has linked to my article about Pedestrian Sundays

If you've never checked out babble, may I suggest you check it out?

To me it offers the best proof ever that the NDP will never form a Federal government. Extreme political correctness is combined with petty bickering and a mono-culture of views that rivals the French Revolution for blinkered thinking.

Check it out for yourself:

Monday, June 12, 2006

Martin Silva tells a big one

At a meeting of the PS Kensington working group; Martin Silva, the replacement councillor for Olivia Chow, tells us that we were allocated funds in the 2006 Metro Toronto budget. He was wrong.
Luckily another source (Helen Kennedy) came through with the $7500 we needed to cover the expenses for the 7 Pedestrian Sunday events this year. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Recent developments on the home front.

Pedestrian Sundays in the Kensington Market

Once again, I'm a volunteer in the PS Kensington Working Group. We organize a series of festival Sundays here in the Kensington Market. Some of the streets are blocked off from noon till 10 PM. and a variety of activities including live music, dancing and games take place in the pedestrian mall created.
It is free and last Sunday attracted about 20,000 visitors, a record. The weather was perfect for this time of the year, which probably helped.
Most of the heavy organizing is done by Shamez, Yvonne and Kelsey who are also involved in the CityIdol event earlier this year. I man the access gate at Augusta and Denison Square, in case emergency vehicles need to enter the pedestrian zone. I also help to silkscreen some t-shirts and shopping bags a week ago.
There are some who would like to see more frequent street closures or even a permanent closure. That just isn't practical as there are many small business and residents who need the open streets to accept deliverys, allow for customer pickups and to access their off-street parking locations.
Why have Pedestrian Sundays at all? I expect that each of the organizers would give a different reason. For some, it is a way to promote a car-free lifestyle. For others, it is to celebrate the unique charm of the market. Personally, I think it is a good way to let people know that the Kensington Market exists and is a destination for gourmet food shoppers and diners. Over the last 20 years, the market has become more of an entertainment and restaurant azrea than a source for those rare and exotic foods that the local IGA didn't carry. Now with superstores in every neighbourhood, there isn't the requirement to come here to get a lettuce that isn't iceberg, a cheese that isn't cheddar, swiss or mozzarella or meat that isn't plastic wrapped.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Numbers Game: University of Toronto

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Finally got the poll by poll results for the last election (Thanks, Arnold).
I was most curious to see what the results were for the polls held at the U of T, since this was the first time that polling station were set up on the campus.
Additionally, there had been some contraversy over the proposed special polls that were to be held on campus before the election and were cancelled.
Anyway, I've prepared the above table, which shows the percent that each candidate received both on campus and off plus the ratio between them.
1. Green Party gets a smaller share of the vote from university students!
2. Generally every party (except the NDP) gets about 90% off their offcampus share
3. And the NDP gets only 110%
4. None of the fringe parties does well on campus
5. Students spoil fewer ballots
and looking at the individual polls shows considerable variance between polls.
For example the Conservatives ranged from under 4 to over 15%.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Not quite down & out yet

Not quite down & out.
     According to this:
Tony Ianno is considering running for the leadership of the Liberal party.
     I ask you, my fellow conservatives, is there anything we can to help this poor desperate man achieve that goal?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lessons Learned: Part 2

Lessons Learned: Part 2

     During the campaign, I fielded quite a few calls from a group called the
“Campaign Life Coalition” ( ).
     It was obvious that the callers were working from a script. They would always ask to speak to the candidate. Since Sam did not spend very much time in the campaign office, that was not possible. Then they would ask the very same questions, in the very same order. When they were told that the candidate did support SSM and would not vote to reopen the abortion issue, they would huff indignantly and exclaim, “Well, I’m not going to for him!”
     After a while, I realized that not all of these callers were actually calling from within Trinity-Spadina. The advantages of call-display, you see. Therefore, I would ask them for their home phone number and address so the candidate could get back to them re their urgent questions. Invariably, it would be outside of the riding. Therefore, I would give them the phone number for the NDP candidate in their riding.
     Once, I asked one of these callers to let me know if ANY of the candidates in Trinity-Spadina met his requirements. He eventually did and declared that none of them would be receiving his vote. Instead, he would be eating his ballot. I neglected to mention that the new ballots were printed with poisonous ink.
     Then, came the day that one of their supporters stopped by the office. He claimed that he, personally, could swing 20 votes our way, if only Sam would promise to vote against SSM. I took the opportunity to ask him a question, the question I have always wanted to ask pro-life, anti-choice abortion protestors. If the technology existed, would you offer to host an embryo that would otherwise be aborted? I figure that if you really oppose the concept of abortion, you would agree to have an unwanted fetus implanted in your body. He refused to answer. I then asked: would you support mandatory sex education and free contraceptives, which would certainly reduce the need for abortions.
He felt that sex education and free rubbers would lead to the end of civilization, as we know it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lessons learned

One of the lessons that I've learned from the recent campaign is that the Progressive Canadian party isn't a factor in this riding. In 2004, they got 531 votes or about 1%. This time, they got 392 votes or just .6%. Additionally, I observed the count of the special ballots. Out of 1314 votes, Asif Hossein managed to get 4 votes in total or less than .3%.
What does this suggest? Since the special ballots are write-in, meaning you have to know the name of the candidate and there isn't any party affilation indicated. The misleading PC abbreviation (not Progressive Canadian, just PC ) results in about half of the votes Hossain receives are because the voters think they are voting for the old Progressive Conservative party.
As time passes, fewer voters will be swindled out of their franchise by voting for a party that is masquerading as another.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The afternoon after...

The afternoon after...

It is written "Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan." Looking back on the polling results that were published earlier, the close percentages between Tony and Olivia were confirmed by the way they kept swapping the lead during the night. Ultimately it seems that Ianno retained his lead in the condo district but Chow managed to improve from third to second in those polls which resulted in her taking the riding with 3000+ votes. It also seems that the double-digit figures we saw for Sam earlier faded away as Conservatives switched their votes to the Liberal to try and stop the NDP.
This fading of support affected the Greens and even the fringe parties.

Is there anything sadder than an empty campaign office?
Just a few days ago, 744 King was a bustling centre of activity with lit-droppers, canvassers, sign crews and scrutineers all getting ready to go out and perform their vital tasks.
Now I'm the only one in here, wiping the computers' hard drive and breaking down the technological backbone that is so crucial to a modern-day campaign office. By this weekend, this location will revert to it's mundane existance as an empty video store.

The morning after

The morning after

     I just in from scrutineering the special ballots at the Trinity-Spadina Elections Canada. We started the count at 4:30 PM by opening envelopes but could not start counting ballots until 9:30 PM of course. It took about 5 hours to count 1314 votes, mainly due to the opening of the inner envelopes. No real surprises in the count, Olivia got a little better than 50% and Tony about 30%. I was disappointed to see that Sam Goldstein got less than 10%. He and the campaign team worked hard with our limited resources but this is one tough riding for Conservatives.
     Since the special ballots are all write-in, I was expecting quite a few challenges. There were a few misspellings but the only votes rejected were ones for Paul Martin, Bill Graham, Mario Silva, Greenpeace and null. Fringe parties received a paltry five votes and the CAP candidate got none. Even the Green Party lost ground.
     Olivia seems to have won this riding handily, with a substantive 3000 votes. Cannot imagine Ianno will protest the vote even if any discrepancies turn up.
     It is nearly 4 AM, and I have been up since 7 AM yesterday and even those 12 cups of coffee are starting to lose their ability to keep me awake.

     Tomorrow, I will try to post a few comments about the campaign.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The last poll post

While we haven't been able to 'wardrive' the opposition's polling data recently, some of the workers at the other campaign offices were kind enough to forward their recent data. While there was some observable bias in each group's data, I think combining them cancels out that partisan factor. When you consider the statistical margin of error, it seems to be a dead heat between Ianno and Chow. I guess their GOTV efforts will ultimately determine the winner.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Nip & Tuck in Trinity-Spadina

For weeks now, the residents of Trinity-Spadina have been bombarded with pamphlets, radio and TV ads urging them to vote (or not vote) for a candidate.
According to most of the polls, the NDP candidate, Olivia Chow, is leading the Liberal candidate, Tony Ianno by a healthy margin. Certainly, NDP supporters have been boasting that Chow is a sure-thing this time, her third attempt to unseat Ianno. Much mud has been flung, old allegations brought to light again and a generally unpleasant campaign is grinding to a conclusion next Monday.
And yet, is this riding really a lock for Chow and the NDP?
This week we've seen the NDP leader, Jack Layton campaigning for his wife, Olivia Chow. We've had Liberal leader, Paul Martin, rallying support for Tony Ianno just last night.
Obviously, both parties still consider this riding to be in play. I am guessing that their internal polling shows this to be a closer race than the media has pronounced.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Heavy Turnout at advance polls.

Down & Out in Trinity-Spadina

According to a DRO who called in to the campaign office yesterday, the turnout at advance polls here in Trinity-Spadina was much heavier that usual.
The usual advance poll gets about 5-10% of the total vote, indicating that about one-in-twelve to one-in-six choose to vote early.
This time, about 500 voters voted early at this poll, out of about 2000 possible voters, a 25% turnout or one-in-four.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

No further polls results

I guess the 'other' guys are reading this blog after all.
Since I mentioned how I was getting the polls numbers I've been reporting from the other campaign offices, they've tightened up their security. I guess they finally figured out that WPA wasn't secure enough.
As we begin the final week of campaigning, the recruitment of scrutineers and poll captains has started. With over 230 polls to be watched, we're trying to line up at least 260 volunteers for E-Day.
As expected, the bitter race between Olivia and Tony is attracting considerable media attention. While this seldom results in many column inches for Sam, he at least gets an "also running..." blurb.
There was considerable excitement in the campaign office yesterday when a CTV satellite news truck pulled up outside. Frantic running around and concealment of secret campaign maps and lists on the part of all present proved for naught when they drove away 10 minutes later. Why were they here? Picking up their dry cleaning next door? Taking a break? We'll never know.

Friday, January 13, 2006

A word of explanation

There have been some questions as to why I'm publishing polling results, especially since they aren't favorable to the candidate, Sam Goldstein, who I'm supporting.

Folks, I could just make up some numbers that would make it seem like the Conservatives are going to coast to an easy victory here in Trinity-Spadina. That would be wrong. The Conservatives have a tough time in this riding. No amount of bluster or bravado is going to hide that grim fact.

At this point in time, it looks like Olivia and Tony are running neck and neck. Certainly the amount of mud they're slinging at each other indicates that they feel it is a close race.

And as to why I haven't put a link to this site on the Goldstein campaign's website: (
it is party policy not to have links to weblogs on candidates' websites.

Where are these numbers coming from? I'm not allowed to use the polling results generated by this campaign's canvassing & phone banking efforts. These figures are coming from other sources in the riding. Sources with poor security, I might add.

So anyway, enjoy the last 10 days of the campaign. I think this will turn out to be one of the most interesting duels of the evening.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Canvassing results, January 9, 2006

Poll results

Just for laughs, we thought we would do a spot poll after the Trinity-Spadina all candidates debate on Tuesday, January 10. Pretty much what we expected.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Phone Polling: First week of January 2006

These results show minimal impact from the Klander debacle. If these figures hold up, Olivia Chow is going to be about 3,000 votes behind Tony Ianno from the new condo residents.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Campaign Website now open!

Campaign Website now open!

     After much huffing and puffing, I’ve finally gotten the Sam Goldstein website up and running. Check it out at (which should redirect you to the main site at )
     The objective is to update it at least daily, so my blogging here will suffer.
Too bad.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Campaign Office Coffee Club

Nico Malaman and Shirley Goldstein enjoy a cookie and a cup of fresh brewed coffee in the campaign office at 744 King Street West.

Shirley Goldstein models the new 2006 designer scarf featuring the Conservative Party logo. Now available at the 744 King Street West campaign office.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Canvassing Results 12/21-28

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This shows the results from door-to-door canvassing in the toughest district in the entire riding. Polls 1-21 are in the northwest corner and are strong NDP supporters. It is unknown if the Klander gaffe has skewed the results.

Campaign Office Holiday Hours

Campaign Office Hours
The office at 744 King St. West will close as of 1 PM on Friday, December 23 and will reopen at 10 AM on Thursday, December 29.
Phone canvassing will stop at 9 PM, Friday, December 23 and will resume on Tuesday, December 27.
Door-to-door canvassing will resume Wednesday, December 28 in the Queens Quay district and Thursday, December 29 in the Annex.
Sign installation will restart on Tuesday, December 27.
The Campaign Office wishes all volunteers a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukah.
Take the chance to enjoy your friends and family now because the race starts in earnest January 2.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Can I vote for Sam Goldstein?

Can I vote for Sam Goldstein?
To be Eligible

  1. You must be a resident of Trinity Spadina

  2. Be a Canadian Citizen, and

  3. Be 18 years of age on or before the election date.
To be added to the Voter's List:
  1. Contact Elections Canada.(Toll-free 1-800-463-6868)

  2. Provide proof of Age *

  3. Provide proof of address **

  4. If you are not on the voters list, you can still vote on election day. You must bring proof of ID and Address to the polling locations.
To vote early at Advance Polls:
  1. You must present your voter card (or Photo ID*) at the Polls.

* (Valid Driver's License, or Birth Certificate and Photo Identification, or Canadian Citizenship Card or Valid Canadian Passport)
* * (Driver's license with your current address in Trinity Spadina on it or two pieces of official mail such as a bank statement, or a pay stub, or a telephone or power bill).

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Canvassing Results 12/01-20

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Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator
     The campaign volunteer coordinator is John Huterer.
If you wish to volunteer to help with the Sam Goldstein campaign, please call him at (416) 531-2912 or e-mail him at johnhuterer[at]

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Chow Campaign going downhill at Christie Pits

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The Big Waterfront Debate

January 8, 2006 — “The Big Waterfront Debate”
Candidates for the four leading federal parties in the Trinity-Spadina riding — Conservatives, Greens, Liberals and NDP — will debate the federal presence on Toronto's waterfront prior to the January 23 federal election.
Particularly at issue will be the role of the federal Port Authority, which was co-founded by sitting Trinity-Spadina MP, Tony Ianno, and the Port Authority's ongoing plans for expanding commercial air traffic at its Island Airport.
The meeting will be held from Noon to 2pm, Sunday January 8th, at the Harbourfront Community Centre at the Southeast corner of Bathurst St. and Queens Quay.

Monday, December 19, 2005

TV appearance reminder

TV appearance reminder
Don’t forget, Sam Goldstein and some of the other candidates from Trinity-Spadina will be on TVOntario (antenna 19, cable 2) at 20:00, Monday, December 19.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Vote now Update

Vote now! – Update
     Stopped by the Elections Canada office at 565 Bloor Street West to pick the preliminary voters list. The office is located in the former TD Bank on the south-east corner, across from Honest Ed’s.. If you are going to be away after the New Year, now is the time to cast your vote for Sam Goldstein.

Another opening, another show

Another opening, another show
     The new Sam Goldstein campaign office had the grand opening this afternoon.
Dozens of prominent local Tories crowded the sparsely furnished space at 744 King Street West to meet with the candidate and other Trinity-Spadina residents. Refreshments were served and the new campaign signs unveiled. The new office is located just west of Bathurst and has free parking in the back (enter from Tecumseh). A main floor will serve as the public face on the campaign with room for the volunteer coordinator and campaign manager and the cavernous basement will serve as a private meeting and strategy-planning centre. The phone number for this office is (416) 955 0376 and the office will be open from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.
     Sam Goldstein campaign signs are now available from the campaign office at 744 King West. You can call the office (416) 955-0376 to order a sign or stop by and pick one up.

Vote Now!

Vote Now!
You can vote at the local Elections Canada office.
Bring photo ID.
Location: Elections Canada
Address: 565 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1Y6
Hours of operation
Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Press Coverage

Press Coverage:
Just a note to let everyone know that Sam Goldstein and the usual suspects were mentioned in a story on page B2 of December 15th, Toronto Star. The story was concerning the Chinese Head Tax and Sam’s efforts to obtain a fair settlement for the remaining victims and their families.

Polling Results December 1 to 15

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I've finally had a chance to compile the phone polling results for the first 2 weeks.
We've concentrated on the Condo belts with some forays into the other polls.
It seems the general NDP meltdown in Ontario has adversely affected their chances in Trinity-Spadina as well. Once we get start polling the western end of the riding, we'll get a better idea.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Goldstein Gazette December 15, 2005


Everyone due to the severe weather we will be canceling the Sam Goldstein Fundraiser this evening.
We appreciate your support and will contact you in the near future with other projects, which will ask for your generosity in time, assistance and treasure.
Thank you,
Fitz Matheson
Campaign Manager

Stay home and watch the French language debates instead.

Sam's Official Campaign Office Opening & Canvassing Blitz:
Date/Time - This Sunday, December 18, 2005, starting at 1:00pm, followed by a canvassing blitz of nearby polls
Location: Our campaign office (of course!), 744 King Street West (about a ¾ block west of Bathurst)
Cost: Free!
Come enjoy some cake & coffee, check out the new office, and of course, meet the candidate.  I hope that you can help us canvass a few of the polls in the area close to the office.


See the Trinity-Spadina candidates on TV.
Monday, December 19 @ 8:00 PM.
Studio Two, TVO (Channel 19, Cable 2)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

At the Harper Rally. December 10, 2005

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Monday, December 12, 2005

An Invitation

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Top Liberals Insult Parents

Top Liberals Insult Parents

OTTAWA – Top Liberal spokesmen today insulted Canadian parents by claiming that they would spend a childcare allowance on anything but their kids.
     In a television appearance today, Paul Martin’s Communications Director Scott Reid said parents would “blow” a proposed $1200 per child allowance on videos, popcorn, and beer, while Liberal strategists John Duffy agreed, saying that parents might spend the money on cars rather than their kids.
     “These insulting remarks unmask what the Liberals really think about parents, that they can’t be trusted to do what’s right for their own children.  This arrogance explains why the Liberals are opposed to giving all parents direct support to help them make the child care choices that are best for their families,” said Conservative MP Rona Ambrose (Edmonton Spruce Grove).
     Reid has since issued statement saying that his words were “a dumb way to make my point.”
     “Clearly, these top Liberals said what they really believe: that parents don’t have their children’s’ best interests at heart.  An apology won’t change the fact that they are opposed to giving parents child care choice because they don’t trust parents to make the right decisions,” said Ambrose.
     “Reid may now say that his words were ‘dumb’, but that doesn’t change his point – which is that Liberal politicians and bureaucrats know better how to provide child care than parents.  If these Liberals were really sorry for their insulting remarks, then they would drop their plans for a one-size fits all bureaucratic daycare scheme, and agree to respect and support parents’ child care choices.”
     The Conservative Party of Canada would create 125,000 new childcare spaces, while also giving direct transfers to all parents of $1,200 per child per year for childcare to use in a way that is best for their family’s childcare needs.  Conservatives are offering choice to parents and targeting daycare spaces for working Canadians while the Liberals are offering a one-size-fits-all system that excludes the majority of Canadian families.

Goldstein campaign office opens
     The new campaign office at 744 King St. West opens on Sunday, December 18th. at 1 PM. Stop by to join in the celebration and kick off the campaign with a neighbourhood blitz.
     The office is located at street level, in the first block west of Bathurst. The cross street is Tecumseh and the King streetcar stops there.

Trinity-Spadina candidates on TV.
     Olivia Chow (NDP), Sam Goldstein (CPC) and Tony Ianno (LPC), will be appearing on TVO’s Studio Two (Channel 19, Cable 2) next Monday, December 19 at 8 PM. Tune in to see Sam in action.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Campaign Office


Here is our new campaign office, located at 744 King St. West. It is just half a block west of the old office which continue to used for phone banking and meetings. When the phones are connected we'll post the contact number.
This will be the location for sign distribution, volunteer meetings and public contact. We were generating too much traffic for the office at 700 King West and there were complaints about noise.
This new location is a former video shop and is a street-level storefront.We just got the keys today and it will be setup over the next few days. Photo to follow.
If you're coming by transit, the stop at Tecumseh is closest and it is a short walk west of Bathurst. Limited street parking is available during non-rush hours. Posted by Picasa

No room on the bus

No room on the bus
     The 416 Conservative bus just pulled away from 700 King West.
We have NO more room (even standing room), so we won’t be stopping at the Lawerence West Subway at 1 PM.
     Anyone waiting there should take the Malton bus from the bus bay on the south side of the street. It will take you to 6900 Airport Road. Extra fare will be required.

See you there!
Posted via Blackberry.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Campaign Office closure

Campaign Office closure
     The King West office will be closed from 12 Noon to 6 PM, Saturday, December 10. This is to allow the office staff to attend the Harper rally up by the airport.
     The 416 Conservative Campaign bus will be stopping at that location at 12 Noon to pick up volunteers, so if you need a ride, be outside at that time.

From the Campaign Manager

From the Campaign Manager to Trinity-Spadina Members

Sam Goldstein, your candidate in Trinity-Spadina, needs volunteers to help on the following days for "SUBWAY GREETINGS", "DOOR-KNOCKING" and "CONDO GREETINGS".  Please send availability and preferences to
Also, please pass along your address, your poll # if you
know it, and of course your phone number, particularly your
cell #.

"SUBWAY GREETING" means helping Sam meet & greet commuters from the riding on their way to work.  It is typically from 7am to 8 am at one of the subway stations in the riding.

"DOOR KNOCKING" means going door-to-door, either with Sam or on your own, and identifying Sam's supporters in a particular area.  It typically goes from 5 or 6 p.m. to 8 or 9 p.m.

"CONDO GREETING" means hosting a small gathering at your condominium (if you live in one) so folks in your building can meet Sam in an informal setting.  It usually goes from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The days we have scheduled for one or more of the foregoing are as follows:

Dec 10, 11 (705 King St. West)
Dec 12, 14, 16, 17, 18,
Dec 19 (morning "Subway Greeting" only)

Please respond to and let us know when you can help.

Harper Rally

Harper Rally

Stephen Harper Rally
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend

When:  Saturday December 10, 2005 @ 2:00pm doors open

Where: International Centre
in the Aviation Ballroom,
Hall 5 Entrance
6900 Airport Road,
Mississauga, ON
L4V 1E8

Who: GTA/Mississauga Candidates, Supporters and Stephen Harper
Special Musical Guests

Dress:   Business Informal

The Conservative 416 bus will be picking up from the Lawerence West Subway @ 1 PM.
Please call ahead to reserve a seat.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

map to fundraiser

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Team jackets

Team jackets
In response to your requests, we’ve arranged to get a number of team jackets from party HQ. These are car length winter jackets, in official colours. They have a rugged nylon outer covering, with a thermofill layer and a quilted inner surface. Sizes range from Small-Medium-Large-Extra Large. We can get these at cost: $70 each. Made in Canada, of course. Let your team leader know if you want one. We’ve been told that if we order by December 12, they’ll be delivered by December 30.

Twos company three'a crowd

Two’s company, three’s a crowd.
     According to what I was told at yesterday’s meeting, the Trinity-Spadina candidates are supposed to be interviewed on STUDIO 2, a public affairs program on TVO, tonight, Monday December 5th. at 8 PM.
     Tune in for a chance to see your candidate standing up against the opposition.

Sign of the times

Sign of the times
     Campaign signs are coming! So is Christmas, but the signs should be here first.
We’re getting 2 different signs: One sided cardboard, 24” by 36” and 2-sided plasticore signs, 40” by 60”. The cardboard signs are meant for window displays and lollipop use. The larger, weather proof signs are meant for exterior use, either mounted on fences or stuck on wire hangers. The paper signs can be recycled by the supporter and the plastic signs will be collected for reuse in the next election.
     If you want a sign,  contact the campaign office either by phone or e-mail.

Passes pour tout

Passes pour tout
     We’ve decided to provide lit droppers and office volunteers a break on the cost of weekly metro passes. We’ll refund your half your pass costs OR loan you a pass for canvassing, literature drops or candidate & community meetings. The offer is good for the weeks of December 5, 12, 19 and January 2,9,16. There is a limited supply of the transferable passes, so it is first come, first served.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Campaign Office Closure

Campaign Office Closure
     The Campaign Office at 700 King St. West will be closed Sunday, December 4 from 2 PM to 6 PM. We will be attending the candidate’s party during that time, Hope to see you there!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Phone Polling December 3

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Laptops of Luxury

Laptops of Luxury
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. We’ve just had another business stand up and offer us some vitally required election equipment.
I’m talking laptop computers, folks. Dudes, we’re getting some Dells!
Now these aren’t state of the art, but they will certainly do for this campaign.
Dell, P3-850 w/128 MB and a CD-ROM. We can add a wireless card if you are going to working in the campaign office. They have W2K and MS-Office preloaded.
If you want one, contact the campaign office. We can have as many of these as we want, but we are going to have to pay for them. If you want to help the campaign, buy one for $350 and use it during the campaign. It’ll make a good second computer or one for your kids. If you need CIMS access, let us know and we’ll have the tech set it up.

Phone Poll Results for December 2

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Campaigning in style

Campaigning in style
Thanks to the good folks at Bay Ford Lincoln Sales, we’ve been able to get the use of a Lincoln Navigator for the duration of the campaign.
I haven’t see the actual vehicle yet but I understand that it is a roomy 4wd sports utility that will able to hold 5 canvassers in luxury and enough signs for a entire polling district.
This has been assigned to the Sign Team Leader, so if you want a chance to get a test ride, contact him to join his team.

Cell phones are here

Cell phones are here
Just received a shipment of 36 cell phones from ROGERS. This was all they were able to loan us, so we’re limiting the distribution to team leaders only. Please use the phones for campaign business only. We’ll be handing them out Sunday after we finish setting them up and recording numbers etc. You will have to sign for this equipment as we’ve agreed to return them in salable condition, Make sure you retain all of the packing material, cables, adaptors and manuals.
These are the Nokia 6101 phones with all the toys including a built-in camera. We have been playing around with them in the office and the photo quality is pretty decent.
If you really like them, I’m sure we can cut a deal with ROGERS so you can buy afterwards.
Don’t stop by the campaign office today or Saturday to try to pick up your phone. They’ll be assigned to the team leaders on Sunday.

Phone Polling Results, December 1st.

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Here are the results from our first night of phone polling.
We were calling the 350 Queens Quay condo to see what effect the door-to-door canvassing last night achieved.
Total number of voters contacted: 202.
Still a fairly high number of bad phone numbers.
Thanks to phone bank team "K".